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amazing game i would kill for mint too :)

mint is cute

magnolia looks like saber from.... you already know the franchise

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this was so interesting. so intriguing and unsettling in such a short game! really glad i played. is it still being worked on? would love to see more :D


I too would kill for Mint. This was great and I loved the character designs


I love Mint's and Magnolia's dynamic!! this game is so cute and so morally dubious which is my beloved!!! ty and all the other creators so much for this!!!


OH MY GOD, I LOVED THIS!! I absolutely fell in love with our adorable little mint!! The mother-son relationship (even with the gross stuff) is so cute!


i really loved playing this game!!

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this might be a little weird but my saved files from the game Mistrick by Hotage are also in this game's save files? can someone tell me what's going on?

It's because they're both web rpgmaker games and the save files of those gets mixed up sometimes,  I sometimes have saves from other games pop up too. 


Did i just shoot my ex wife (10/10)


The game has such a unique and well written storyline! It was a lovely game to play through, and I enjoyed getting both of the endings with little to no problems. The scenery and art were especially beautiful, and I love Mint with all my heart. :)

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I got stuck in the room before the basement trying to get ending b 

Played through the game around a week or two ago with a friend of mine. The game's warm color palette is lovely to look at as well as the character designs! Also lesbians.

Very tragic and dark but so sweet. Is a short story but it does great with what it has.

This is wonderful!

a Spanish version would be nice. If you like it, I could even help you

thats true i also could help

very nice! buuut im also stuck after finding the detective girl-

i dont wanna give spoilers out there

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Played your game a few weeks ago, fast forward to today and I'm working very hard on designing in RPG Maker for the first time ever, with a bucket full of purchased plugins and assets in tow...
Thanks for creating a monster :P   :)
Great work on the game!

very short but i liked the story it told very much! would love to see more of these two

i loved it! clicking on this game and reading the description i wasn't expecting the story to go that way and it was awesome! i can tell i'll be thinking about this game for a long time


I gotta say, I'm only 20 minutes in and this game has me wowed with everything. I might just have to finish it to the end...

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Just curious, regarding the lgbtqia tag, which characters are lgbt if there are any? 


The main character is lesbian and has an ex-wife! Without spoiling too much, it is tied to the plot of the game. 

Hello Puchi, I am a game localization student, and I was wondering if it's okay for me to translate your game to Brazilian Portuguese! This is just to help me practice translation and to reach out more players out there!

I love your game so so much! Even if it's a short game, the story was really good. I love the characters, the music and the artstyle also.


Definitely one of the best and most enjoyable indie games I've played in a long time! While I personally am way too soft for your typical horror and gorey game, this hit just the right spot of it being creepy, but not in an off putting way. If anything it's the perfect blend of really nice fun dialogue, details and suspence on top of very cute artwork and a great soundtrack! I also greatly appreciate the two different endings based on your choices.  I'm genuinely excited to see what's next.

You really should be proud of yourself! <3


First playthrough, I guess my stubborn self has a knack for finding bugs !


The same bug made Mint follow Magnolia in one of the flashbacks, which was really funny 

the games rlly cool in my opinion, a little short but thats not rlly a problem 2 me. i got both endings and loved both. good job!! (≧▽≦)


The game is awesome! I got ending A but i can't take ending B for some reason, i watched on YouTube but it didn't help, can someone give me a hint how i can get ending B? 


There's a walkthrough for both endings!


Thank you!

Amazing gameplay! got both endings <3

Awesome! ❤️

I really liked this! I have to admit that Ending B disappointed me a bit, but Ending A was exactly what I wanted. Good job raising a child, Magnolia.

I love the game, got ending A lets go for B.

puchidesign best game ever i got Ending A the graphic and art work such beautiful and gameplay awesome

I loved it. I got ending B, then played again to see ending A. Very nice atmosphere, unnerving at some times and endearing at others. The art, music and graphics are great and go well together. Great job <3

i got ending A i loved the game a lot!!!!

I wish I could play this game for the first time once again. It's right up my alley.


Honestly loved it ! Visuals were great (the color palette especially, it made the game look really vibrant and almost comfy, despite the themes), music was really catchy, and the story was really cool to follow. Awesome stuff ! <3

Hello, I use a mac so I can't download the Windows version. I've been trying to play on the browser but I can't interact with it :(

 I've tried using Safari and Firefox. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

 If you can't click on anything, the arrow keys move and z is interact. Does that help? If not, try with chrome or internet explorer


The art was really pleasant to look at and gave off such a peaceful vibe (In stark contrast with the plot, ironically). The plot twist was a little obvious to me, but overall enjoyed the villain perspective and the adorable dynamic between Magnolia and Mint. Overall, very cute characters and art style with a semi-engaging plotline. 

I got ending B!! I really loved the story <3

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how do you get B

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Oh, I already forgot. I think to surrender? I really can't remember.

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Engaging narrative! Nice that you gave a human perspective to the villain, her relationship with her son is an interesting contrast.

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