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i beg for a downloadable ver please ill pay money PLE

loved this so much! laughed so much at the supposed fight scene... a super enjoyable experience


is there a wway to download this or get in fullscreen on the browser

What a cool game!! Thank you so much for creating it! <З

such a cool game!! I love these characters and this whole concept. Thank you for sharing it!! 

ack a clif hanger!


Hello, this is a nice little indie game with excellent pixel art. I enjoyed the True Ending and the dynamic between the 2 characters. Possible spoilers below.

I may have found some bugs:

1) Get True Ending > Continue from a save file right after I choose the second option in the branching choice > Choose to leave the house > get the True Ending without looking under the carpet???

2) 2 Alicias after the above sequence?

3) You are still able to select the Lighter when you are controlling Beaford and Alicia still says the same dialogue about already having searched the area.

this was really good! alicia and beaford's conversations were really funny and the true ending was really cute. the slow realization that things really aren't as easy as they seem felt really real, and the build-up + eventual discovery were really well-pace! i also really like the art style and the music fit nicely too. thank you for making this and looking forward to episode 2!

This game was so adorable and lowkey hilarious. The horror aspect was well executed and I loved the soundtrack. I really hope that we can get more games like this!! I love Alicia too, a legit BAMF.


I want more this is epic!


Woah wait there is more


I love this game so much, and man I really thought Alicia was a guy when I first looked at her.

Was kinda nervous but i slowly became confused but solved it, i had so much fun playing this game!!

I NEED A NEW CASE that was soo fun

I loved this game! The characters and the artsyle were great. The music also fits rather nicely. Especially after the part where we lie about going to the bathroom and investigate instead. I was scared out of my mind because I thought he would catch me any second lol. Needless to say, I really enjoyed this exprience and would die for a sequel!

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AAAAA this is so amazing!! I enjoyed it (despite me wailing and crying at the first instance) and I had so much fun reading the dialogue between Alicia and Beaford (as well as Alicia's other note HAHAHA). I adore Alicia, she's such a cool character and so organized! I'm sure she has her own reasons for why she's doing this and I'm so curious/excited about them, especially with the Knife Ending! Also Beaford, I absolutely adore him as well!! Not only because he complements Alicia but because of how darn cute he is next to the cool composed Alicia. I'd love to see a sort of misadventure with Beaford as the MC and Alicia gazing at the distance in quiet wonder why she hired him AHAHAHA Other than that I love the game because god was I terrified, I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to games ESPECIALLY RPG ONES so I usually go by the horror vns but I took a chance with this and I soooooo don't regret this!! I'm so thankful it's not that scary :'D and that Alicia can kick butt. Looking forward for the sequel!!! ALSO SPOILERS BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't Beaford technically a ghost since in the Phone Ending the father called and said his son died due to medical reasons? But in the True Ending it's shown that the painting showcases the family's "death" so to say and Beaford could technically leave the house to follow Alicia back to her office? I'm so curious about not just the state of Beaford but also his family, like which one is dead and which one isn't?? LOVELY GAME EITHER WAY I SO LOVE THE DYNAMIC BETWEEN BEAFORD AND ALICIA IS ALL!

honestly i thought alicia was a man before reading the description lol

that... was... awesome

I really loved this game! I hope there's a sequel featuring these two eventually :P the art is really pleasant and clean :)

I LOVED IT. I love the characters (Alicia sounds way too much like me) and the kid is great! Too bad I can't download it in order to play offline, but besides that, this is very epic, I can't wait for more, Cheers!


1 ❤ the artstyle!

I love the art style!!!!!!


Had a blast playing this game



hey um when i pressed what to check on the kitche mice chills list my whole game just...froze or is it just me?

ghats actually happening to me as well


i simp for both characters 




this was really really lovely!! the art is beautiful and the design as a whole is very cohesive, and the characters are super fun and distinctive (i want to make them both hot chocolate i think they need it). i appreciated all the little interactive details, and there were so many hints at lore/a larger story that i'd love to find out more about at some point :) the game is a delight to play, thank you for making it and i hope you're doing well! 


but I just dump salt on the windows and do dumb things that result in things

im stuck on the chills bi

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same i had to restart the game when it happended

edit: i figured out how to get out of that screen just press escape

Can  you add the windows version of your games for download? I wanna play them fullscreen. Thanks!

Fun little game.


tengo un problema, cuando le decimos al chico q nos lleve a la cocina me muestra un menu pero cuando selecciono alguna opción no la puedo sacar o directamente no puedo moverme nada es como si se me trabara ayuda pls 

I recently played this game with bf and it was really interesting expirience. I love characters and their personality (even if I missgendered Alice for almost all the time. I don't know how it was possible X'D) your artstyle is amazing. It was your first time doing game? If i read right. But it doesn't feel like a first time thing so I'm really impresed. 
I will be waiting for another project, especally with Alice!


I can't figure out how to light a fire. Can someone drop a hint please?

Go to the item menu and select lighter then the story will continue on from there.

Thank for the help!


Oh I love this game so much! The dialogue is hilarious and the concept is super cool!


I loved the characters and their interactions! The overall look of the game is very charming.

I loved this short game 

Omg I loved this game so much, I read you're planning on another episodes for this series and I'm just so excited to play it when it comes out!! 

The characters interactions are so fun, and I love their personalities so much!! 

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