Do ghosts actually exist? 

An exorcist that doubts the existence of ghost might sound contradictory but to Alicia Wilkershire, this is the right way to get closer to the truth. Her latest job sounded like another run-of-the-mill case and she greeted her client with her usual pessimism but is it, really? 

Features & Warnings: 
- Approximately half-hour of playtime. 
- 3 endings. A walkthrough can be found here.
- Cartoon blood and violence.  

Up, down, left, right - Movement
Z/Space - Action Button
X - Menu
Shift - Dash
Page Down - Fast Forward 

Puchi @_puchi

Hi, I'm puchi and I love women and mystery games. 

Galv, YanflyHimeworksWaynee95MjshiMr. Trivel


Daniel Schriër

Development log


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Silver Thread is a game that caught my interest from the get-go with it's lovely pixel art and muted palette. I've always enjoyed the pixel rpg-maker aesthetic and had fun poking around the environment in this short romp.

The banter between Beaford and Alicia is fun and the characters themselves are quite endearing. The game evidently doesn't take itself too seriously, which allows for some well executed gags. The music chosen for the game was noticeably good, sometimes in VNs I'll mute sounds outside of voices or SFX but did not have to for Silver Thread.

I am wholeheartedly looking forward to the sequel and seeing more of this paranormal duo.

i love this game so much! i think  theres a bug though -- i got the true ending and then reloaded right after i asked to go to the toilet, because the walkthrough said i could get the phone ending by doing that and then just going home, but as soon as i go to the door and say "go home" it skips me to the last room of the true ending (except theres two alicias now).


OH MY GOSH I LOVED THIS! I'm the type to click on every object to see if there's any dialogue, and this game satisfied that urge of mine. Great visuals, great audio, great story. If you ever write the further adventures of these two, I'll eagerly play it! 

Lovely game! The dialogues were so much fun and I love the palettes you used! ❤️

Thank you!! The palette was honestly to keep things minimal but I'm glad people liked it! 

i love it! the characters are so nice, hoping to meet them again! 

Thank you!

OMG. I love this game! It was so fun and immersive and hilarious. Definitely one of my favs <3333

Aw, thank you very much!!

This game is great! Although short was really enjoyable. The characters were amazing and their interaction with each other was amazing. I too got all the endings (I think) and really can't wait for a sequel of some sorts. Really love this game :D

It is quite short, I plan on expanding it next time! Thank you very much for the comments! 

Had a blast playing this- I hope we get more of Alicia in the future!


I'll def give this game a future update, thank you very much! 

ahhhh this was so cute and fun. your sense of humor is perfect for rpgmaker games - i look forward to more from you!! 

Thank you! It's my first rpgmaker game (Or well, game in general) so that really means a lot! 

I love it! It was pretty straighforward but very fun, I like the witty dialogues and the dynamic between the two so much, Alicia bullying the kid in front of the mirror was so funny LMFAO will definitely have this two on my thoughts! Thank you for the experience!

Haha yeah I try to keep it simple for the first game, thank you so much for the kind words!!

this was sm fun. and the ending got me with some questions...10/10, cant wait for more content!

Sorry for the sequel hook but thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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I love it! It's simple but really well done and the music is magnifique *-*. Love the two character too ( i really enjoy pixel art) I hope to see a sequel or some other games of yours in future <3. (because i love mistery games ^^)

Thank you very much!! I love mystery games too and a lot of them are definitely big influences for this game, I hope you'll look forward to the sequel!

Heyy at first I don't really have any expectation and just playing this cus I was bored but then I ended up liking it very much!! I really like the characters, music, and also the dialog, such a fun and pleasant game<3 Looking forward seeing them again!

Thank you! Really glad to hear that!

Ay good stuff! Was pleasantly surprised with how it all turned out.
Considering this was a solo project, it really is commendable. I enjoyed the music, and took a liking to the colour palette you ended up choosing.

SPOILER (OF sorts?)

I was not expecting the other 2 endings to be a little sad, but it was a nice addition and it made me want to know more. It added to the overall experience, so great work!


Thank you very much! It's my first game so it really means a lot! The ending does differ in tone huh but I hope I'll be able to lean to a more serious tone in the future, thank you!

Yo!The art style is so pretty ngl, short story but enjoyble!! and I need alicia dating sim <3 lol

Thank you very much!! Haha maybe someday 


I love everything about this game <3 The story, the characters and the dialogue are very cool!

Thank you for the kind words! 


this was a lovely game! the art is great and fits the mood well, and I loved alicia <33 I'm really excited for another installment and to learn more about her!

Aw, thank you very much! I'm working on a continuation so I hope it'll answer more questions about her! 

this was a really fun short game!! genuinely very excited to see another installment!! the art was really pretty and the writing was witty and charming, also the brief implications of alicia's past have me hooked and i really wanna know what happened.

beauford is such a loser and i adore him alongside alicia (the dynamic between them is so fucking funny). also i can really feel the ace attorney influence like you said on your twitter post, like in a really good way!! it gives me the same vibes while being it's own thing.

reading the faq, if you add in more gameplay i think that'd be really cool! but yeah this was very fun and i'm looking forward to see where these two go next :] thanks for uploading this!!

Thank you very much!! I'm really happy that you enjoyed the writing, I'm hoping to answer some of the questions in the following chapters!

haha I'm glad you enjoyed their dynamic, ace attorney is definitely a big influence to me for the tone. I really love how they can stay humorous while still serious at different parts

I'm definitely looking into that so I hope you'll look forward into it! Thank you for the kind words! 


I made a video on the game. Really enjoyed it.


Thank you!

This game was a delight. Short, but covers all the bases. I hope to see anime loser and the questionable exorcist another time!

Thank you so much! They'll definitely be returning!  

The game looks amazing, and the characters are very likable! Love me some classic grumpy detective >.<!! It was so fun, really hope to see the sequel, heck I could play a whole series of this TuT, congrats on the game. 

Thank you so much for the kind words!! It's in the works so I hope you'll look forward to it! 

Love this so much! Always exciting to see your original work, and this is no exception!

A hopefully vague enough question: was it actually Beaford's dad, or him that called for an exorcist? 

Thank yo so much Kris!!!


It was his dad that called him! Beaford just didn't go on the family holiday purposefully to hide signs that a demon's in the house. But as Alicia said, he did a horrible job and just shoved everything to his parent's bedroom. 

bruh , i just made that account to say how amazing this game was , it's just so surprising , i'm brazilian , so srry for the english , but really thx for the really good game

Thank you so much I'm so flattered!! And your english's fine it's not my first languange either haha 

I just created this account to make this comment, It was a great game it was sooo fun to play

Thank you so much!!

I just finished playing this and I really enjoyed it! I loved the music, art colours, and especially the writing. I love the conversations between the two main characters. Thank you for making this game!


Thank you! I'm really glad that you enjoyed the characters!

What a charming little gem!


Thank you!!

omg!!! I loved it so much!! it was so much fun! and gosh the "battle" was so funny X'D all the dialogues were amazing!

and the characters are so well done!! Alicia fdsgayfdgsayygdasfy I'm in love with her ToT


Thank you!! I originally planned it to be longer and cut it out because of time but I'm glad people enjoyed it XD

Very fun game! :D

Thank you!

This was such a fun game! The humour on this was great and I love your artstyle, Beaford is such a cutie and Alicia is a whole mood lol. I hope to see more from you as I really love your art <3<3<3


Aww thank you so much! Really glad that you enjoyed the characters! 

This was an incredibly fun and delightful game! I loved the dynamic between the two main characters especially, as well as the music and pixel art.

Thank you! Their dynamic was really fun to write! 

The game is amazing, and since you mentioned that you will be continuing it, I am excited to see more of it. Will there be an option to download the game on one's laptop?


Thank you and yes! Since It's made for a game jam, I'm planning to update it with more graphic + bug fixes. I'll release a downloadable version too when that happens! 

Hell yes, looking forward to it as well, then. ;)

An absolutely delightful game! Visually, its a stunning game with great sprite work and memorable character designs. The characters, Alicia and Beaford are so well written and incredibly charming! I laughed a lot at Alicia's remarks and their back and forth banters. The story is really compelling and full of mysteries that keeps the player captivated. Mechanics of the game are super fun as well, I like the suitcase aspect and the journaling hints. I loved this so much so far and I can't wait to see where this goes next! There's lots of mysteries left unsolved that will be fun to explore in the future 

Thank you very much!! I'm def planning a continuation of this so I hope you'll look forward to it! 

Great Spooktober entry! I really enjoyed the characters, art, music and story ♥

Thank you so much!!

Loved the game even though it frozed is it possible in the near future to make it so we can use wasd controls since it's hard to play when i hev two broken arrow keys

Thank you! I'll def see if I can implement that in the next update! 

Super cute! I love Alicia and her dialogue and Beaford being a weeb! Hope you can continue their adventures!


Thank you so much!! They have a fun dynamic to write, I'm glad you enjoyed it! 

This game is incredibly stylish! I love the palette, and that Alicia sprite omg *_* Also loved the dialogue between the characters, and I'm so intrigued by some of the little hints to Alicia's backstory. This is a great entry, and if you decide to make more games in the future I'd love to play them!

Thank you so much!! I'm really glad that you enjoyed playing it, I definitely want to make more games for the same series in the future so I hope you'll look forward to it!